Starting Marnée’s Studio: Hard work, sacrifice, and learning curves

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Since my last post about the successful Festival of Flowers display, I’ve been working hard towards the opening of Marnée’s Art Studio & Art Gallery planned for the evening of August 12, 2017.

Coming from a family of hard-working entrepreneurs, I understood that launching a business entails sacrifice and a workload that can be extremely overwhelming at times. At this point I feel like I’m smack in the middle of the juggling act, with too many balls in the air. HOWEVER, I’m starting to see things come together and am doing my best to maintain this balancing act.

Hashing out the Business Plan

 The Why

 The first thing I dove into was an in-depth business plan (still in the works but mostly done) so I would have a personal guide and reference for my business. Since Marnée’s Studio is not modeled after your typical art gallery, this was a difficult and time-consuming task.

 After doing much soul searching and asking myself over and over why I’m doing this, the answer amounted to the following:

 I need to know I can support myself financially as a woman doing what I love and what I’m good at. Since I was a young girl, I knew I needed this and I know the time to pursue that dream is now. I also need to know that it’s possible for one person like myself to make a difference in a community….in someone’s life….in the world doing what they love.

 The How?

 Not only do I hope to earn a profit through this business (to achieve financial independence and professional respect separate from my partner), but I also hope to have a positive impact on our community.   I want Marnée’s Studio to have a huge community engagement aspect that unites not only artists but entrepreneurs, non-profits, and community members from a broad socioeconomic background. Some engagement events, methods, and services I plan to offer include:

  • Various classes for all ages and social situations
  • Paint parties and other creative parties
  • Exhibitions and fundraisers that focus on topics (particularly in the environmental and humanitarian arenas)
  • Commercial art services (with the hope that offering such work will strengthen bonds between with local businesses)
  • Fun events such as yoga and fitness classes in the gallery (for donation only J!)

 Marnée’s Studio will focus on two main “programs” which exhibitions, fundraisers, events, and my personal work will revolve around: 1. Nature and environmental topics and 2. Humanitarianism.

 The Who?

 The artists whose work I chose to show (and who chose me) will have styles and work complementary to the aforementioned programs and my personal work. I’m planning on hosting a small number of artists to allow for more flexibility regarding size/ quantity of work and involvement.

 One artist that will definitely have work at Marnée’s Studio is Lisa Johnston Hancock, an amazingly talented woman who excels in portrait work and watercolors. I couldn’t be more excited to work with Lisa and to see where this adventure takes us.

Knotty Designs Jewelry, owned by Sierra Patterson, will also have jewelry at the studio. Sierra is also extremely talented and a very driven business-woman who somehow manages to run her business while completing her college degree. Her jewelry is extremely well made and has a great coastal bohemian appeal.

Stay tuned and check for upcoming classes and events here!!

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