Lisa Hancock's Watercolor Class

Beginning Watercolor with Lisa Johnston Hancock 


This class is open to students of all levels. Have fun learning basic color theory, design and techniques for utilizing the unique qualities of watercolor. These methods can be applied to flowers, landscapes, the figure, abstract works or other subject matter of choice. It is helpful if the student has a basic understanding of drawing skills and composition, but not necessary.  Demonstrations are given during each class meeting, as needed. The students are able to paint with the instructor and apply what they have learned to create a painting from a photographic reference or still life.  



Upon successful completion of the class the student will have a basic knowledge of: 


  1. Washes - Demonstrate the ability to effectively use wash techniques in their paintings.  
  1. Glazes - Demonstrate the ability to effectively make glazes with watercolor to develop mixtures of colors.  
  1. Color Mixing - Demonstrate the ability to mix colors on a palette and directly apply to painting.  
  1. Color Theory - Utilize color theory to help develop their paintings using a limited palette 
  1. Processes - Demonstrate through their paintings the ability to utilize various techniques, processes, and use of materials including: working wet into wet, dry brush, working on pre-moistened paper, using mixed materials to create texture with watercolor, spattering technique, lifting and basic care of materials.  



Water Color Paint- Tubes-14-37 ml. Winsor Newton Cotman (Student Grade) 

-Cadmium Yellow  

-Cadmium Red  

-Dioxazine Violet  

-Permanent Rose 

-Alizarin Crimson 

-Ultramarine Blue 

-Cerulean Blue 

-Viridian Green 

-Sap Green 

-Yellow Ochre 

-Burnt Sienna 

-Burnt Umber 

-Raw Umber 



Look at the Princeton Select Value Brush Sets on Dick Blick (best value)  

#12 Round Watercolor Brush

#5 Round Watercolor Brush 

#4 Round Watercolor Brush 

# 3 Pointed Round Watercolor Brush 

# 2 Round Watercolor Brush 

#1 Liner Brush 

1/4” Flat water color brush 

1” Flat Watercolor Brush 


  Strathmore Tape Bound Watercolor Pads 140lb 18” x 24” – 12 sheets 


Additional Materials: 

(10) Palettes 

(10) Graphite pencils – Only HB and 2B are needed 

(10) Kneaded Eraser

(10) Containers for Water

Paper towels or old rags



(3) Masking Fluid – Winsor and Newton Colorless 

(3) 1 or 2” Masking Tape 

(10) Drafting Boards (optional) 

Table Easels (optional) 

Small hair dryer (for drying paint)