Sudara® Loungewear

Marnée's Studio About Sudara:

We are so proud to be carrying this great line of clothing and to be supporting such an important and heart wrenching cause like sex slavery. I truly feel that Sudara's approach to this immense social horror is more effective than just raising money to temporarily fix a problem. They've found a way to truly empower victims of sex slavery and I will always admire their business model. It's also a major plus that all of the clothing is unbelievably beautiful.

The Sudara Story in Their Words:

Sudara is a benefit corporation that exists to advocate on behalf of and empower women who have escaped from, or at the highest risk of, human trafficking by providing dignified employment opportunities. We are a mission-driven lifestyle brand whose success is not just measured or defined in sales and revenue, but in our positive social impact and creating long-term, sustainable change.

Giving a woman the opportunity to gain job skills and a long-term career with an upstanding employer in a supply chain of like-minded companies is vital, but it’s not enough to end sexual slavery once and for all.

To do that, it’s essential that we break the cycle for generations to come. That’s why, in addition to our Sudara products which provide training and jobs for the women who make them, we also have a non-profit arm that allows us to provide for those same women across their entire ecosystem.

Women in Sudara sewing center