Original Artwork

Explore the vibrant, emotive brushstrokes of Marnée's original art, where visceral textures of acrylic paint blend seamlessly with the bold forms in her contemporary paintings. Each piece in this collection is not just an object of decor, but a slice of artistic vision- hand-painted with passion and love. 

Dive into Marnée's gallery of expressionist acrylic art for sale, showcasing works that speak to the soul with their bold strokes and vivid palettes. For those with a penchant for layered complexity, Marnée's contemporary mixed media art offer a rich tapestry of materials and motifs, each telling its unique story.

In the realm of original art, the connection between creator and collector is sacred. This is why each Marnée creation, from the fluid elegance of acrylic to the thoughtful assemblage of mixed media, is a testament to the human spirit's creativity.

Whether you are captivated by the intense emotionality of expressionism or drawn to the innovative techniques of contemporary art, Marnée's fine art is a tribute to the artistry that transcends time and trend. Let Marnée enliven your space and enriches your life.

**email info@marneestudio.com to schedule in person viewings.**