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Something Magical

Let me open your eyes to something magical.  A sensation normally only perceived subconsciously, which on rare occasions may be so strong it becomes discernible to the naked eye.  The vibes or energy we all regularly emit are capable of manifesting in this manner.  They're not only impacted by the energy surrounding us but can inversely impact our surrounding environment.  

My piece "Something Magical" (18"X24", mixed media), pictured above, was inspired by a recent experience where my own vibes were not only sensed but seen by another person.  


Life in my 30's has definitely been heavy at times and one of the only times I feel completely carefree is when I'm dancing and entranced in lovely loud music.  The environment at the 2017 Atlanta Food & Wine Festival (if you haven't been, you should definitely make plans to!), was ripe with opportunities to embrace my unburdened self.

Despite the rain, the heat, and the mud I lost myself in the rhythms of the night.  As my soul flourished in the weightlessness of the moment, I could feel someone watching me.  He'd been watching me for a while with a look of fascination and awe.  

After the music had been shut down and the party ended, he approached me with straightforward but powerful words: "There's something magical about you.  I COULD SEE it!"  Of course I laughed and thanked him for the pleasantly unusual compliment, but it stuck with me.  

He had SEEN my happiness.  My determination to be completely positive for that moment in time despite the burdens that would inevitably return.  After that night I knew that I would strive to replicate that feeling as often as possible.  I would strive to emit what I hope to receive.....PURE POSITIVE VIBES.  

So go forth and shine my friends.  Our decision to be happy and positive not only benefits ourselves but those that surround us. 

XOXO -Marnée



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  • Thea on

    See!!! We’ve always told you that we could see that in you!!! (But, as a child, who ever believes their parents, right?!) This piece is beautiful!! ???

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