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Marnée's Studio Wants to Know, Do you Buy Local Mobile, Alabama?


Marnée’s Studio is a HUGE supporter of buying local. About 90% of our inventory (paintings, sculptures, jewelry, pottery, and scarves) is produced right here in Mobile, Alabama! Not only does Marnée’s Studio help present the unique work of emerging and established artists to the consumer market, but we also provide a venue for local artists to share their skills with the community through a variety of classes and workshops. In addition, we partner with local non-profits to conduct events that raise money and awareness for important causes (such as Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, Manatee Sighting Network, and Feeding the Gulf Coast)

Support Local at Marnée's Studio- Making Strides Against Breast Cancer    

*Elizabeth Hieb (volunteer for the American Cancer Society) promoting the upcoming event Making Strides Against Breast Cancer at the Mini-Market @ Marnée's Studio                          


In recent years, cities across the U.S. have seen an upswing in the "buy local" movement and Mobile, Alabama has been no exception. Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce describes the trend in this article. Since it's publication, the movement has continued to grow in our area and the economic benefits remain the same. 

When citizens purchase locally produced goods, the community is less dependent on imports and control shifts from distant boardrooms back to the community where it belongs (Shuman 2000).

Here are 6 VERY compelling reasons to buy local (drawn from an assessment compiled by Michigan State University):

1.  JOB CREATION: “Small businesses are the largest employers nationally and create 2 out of every 3 jobs” (Robinson 2010)......that's pretty impressive!  

Marnée's Studio Watercolor Class Taught by Lisa Hancock in Mobile, Alabama

* Lisa Hancock teaching a watercolor class at Marnée's Studio where she also displays and sells her original watercolor paintings

2.  KEEP MONEY IN THE COMMUNITY: For every $100 spent, $68 is circulated back into the community (3/50 Project). Therefore, when you purchase local, you’re actually investing in yourself and your family’s community!

3.  COMMUNITY INVESTMENTS/ CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS: Locally owned businesses contribute more to charities and fundraisers compared to their national counterparts. A study comparing charitable donations of 8 small businesses versus Wal-mart in Maine, found that one of these businesses alone contributed $4,000 to Wal-marts $1,000 (Robinson 2010). On average, non-profit organizations receive 250% more support from small business owners compared to larger companies (Sustainable Connections 2017)!!! That's a lot more local goodness going around y'all.

Marnée's Studio Mixed Media Paint Party Benefitting Manatee Sighting Network in Mobile, Alabama

*Group picture of a recent mixed-media paint party at Marnée's Studio benefitting the Manatee Sighting Network.

4. UNIQUE: Many locally produced products (especially works of art) are unique and/or one-of-a kind. A unique gift made by a person in your community can be much more meaningful than a mass produced product.  Let me just say too, that quality tends to be much higher too.

Marnée's Studio Mini-Market With Lisa Hancock's Original Watercolor Paintings in Mobile, Alabama

*Lisa Hancock's display of some of her original watercolor paintings at a recent mini-market held at Marnée's Studio

5.  INCREASE CONSUMER CHOICES: Small business owners have more freedom in choosing what inventory to carry in their stores. Therefore, increasing consumer choices of products. For example (to my knowledge), no one in the Mobile Bay area except Marnée's Studio carries the gorgeous and ethically produced Sudara™ loungewear.

Products from Marnée's Studio in Mobile, Alabama including Contemporary Paintings, Jewelry, Pottery, and Textiles

*A sampling of some of the locally-produced art, jewelry, and pottery offered at Marnée's Studio

6.  REDUCE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS: Locally produced goods do not require as much transportation or mass production machinery, thus reducing environmental impact.


Overall, Mobilians are on the right track with supporting small, locally-owned businesses and small entities like Marnée's Studio will definitely need all the help we can get from caring citizens like yourselves.  

So, remember, whether you're looking for a one-of-a kind, breathtaking work of art, a class to expand your creative knowledge and skills, or a paint party to let loose with your friends.....Marnée's Studio can meet your gifting and creative needs just as well as a non-local entity.

ALL OF OUR ARTIST ACCEPT COMMISSION WORK, and with the holidays just around the corner we can make you the perfect gifts for affordable prices! We promise that the more you invest in us, the more we'll invest in you.  We LOVE Mobile :)

Commissioned Mixed Media Painting by Marnée Edwards, Purchased Through Marnée's Studio in Mobile, Alabama

*This commissioned painting by Marnée Edwards helped welcome precious baby Kaiya Siller into the world.  "Shine Baby Shine", mixed media


 Visit us at: Marnees Art Studio & Art Gallery Mobile Alabama



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