Fueling the Revival

Well, once again time has slipped by all too quickly and the art of blogging has not yet worked its way into my personal routine.  HOWEVER, my artistic revival has been kicked into the next gear with exciting local opportunities that have me constantly on the go.



In an attempt to build my artistic resume, increase involvement with the Mobile community, and market my art; I kept an eye out for art opps that would make my art pop into the eye of the public.  As soon as I read about a new community initiative called Mobile Street Pianos, all my instincts told me this opp was the one to make my art pop.

Developed by the Downtown Mobile Alliance (in collaboration with Mobile Arts Council– MAC), this program aims at actively engaging the community in the arts.  The plan is to reclaim old pianos and match artists the pianos (via a proposal submitted to MAC) to turn the pianos into a work of art.


My proposal depicted a flow of musical notes from the piano source into nature, attempting to communicate a vibrant relationship that exists between the natural environment and creative arts.  Sometimes we are inspired to create based on observations of our natural world, and sometimes art or music inspires us to more closely examine the beauty surrounding us every day.  Creatures of our world and creations born from human imagination possess intrinsic value and the power to spark our intellect.

The Downtown Mobile Alliance loved the proposal and I was asked to start immediately.  Then began the dreaded research……what paints to use on a piano, how to sand and re-finish furniture, contacting other artists with similar experience for advice and so on 😉

Stay tuned for my next post recounting the nerve-flooded and dust-filled first days of the project!!!!

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