Catch Up Time

Wow, it’s been a while!  Due to chaotic times revolving around my family’s orthopedic disasters; I had to take a brief sabbatical.

I’m back now though and a lot has changed!!  First, I’ve continued to develop my technique with molding paste.  I love this medium.  Not only does it add texture, but acrylic paint works so well with it.

I also started creating smaller pieces on square canvases (4”X4” and 6”X6”) to incorporate lower price ranges and use for study work.  Some of these I coated with a layer of resin, which I also like working with but am still figuring out.  I did a few fish that have been pretty popular and I actually sold the goldfish (YES, TECHNICALLY MY FIRST ORIGINAL ARTWORK SALE J).   The other piece that sold last artwalk was “Turquoise Turban”.


Let me just say that what has sold thus far has been to an unexpected market:  younger teenage females.  Although I was slightly surprised by this, I think it’s a sign that my work is communicating positivity, beauty, and an innocence that is particularly relatable to this demographic.

I moved “Radiant Lotus” to Satori Coffee House in hopes of reaching people with interests such as yoga, meditation, and self-reflection.  I think these interests will align nicely with this piece, which was inspired by my recurring theme of self-improvement via meditation.  The pieces in Cathedral Square Gallery have also been rearranged and I added a bin containing Giclee prints for $30.


I participated in a couple of local markets (Market at the Square and The Market at the Pillars) and found it to be a fun and enlightening experience.  They were great networking opportunities and great practice at display arranging.  I may submit an application to participate in a market night at the Mobile Museum of Art too.

There’s A LOT more to come and I promise to keep in touch more often……MMMWAAAHH

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