“Wisteria” original artwork by Marnée

“Wisteria” original artwork by Marnée

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Introducing “Wisteria,” a stunning depiction of a hummingbird in mid-hover, captured in a breathtaking array of colors by the talented Marnée. This original piece, meticulously crafted with acrylic paint on a cut-out canvas, showcases the dynamic essence and iridescence of one of nature’s most agile fliers.

Each feather pulses with a spectrum of colors, achieved through the skillful application of metallic pens and a finishing layer of resin that enhances the artwork’s depth and durability. The unique cut-out design adds a three-dimensional quality, making the hummingbird almost seem to fly off the canvas.

“Iridescent Flight” is more than just a painting; it’s a vivid celebration of life and movement. The artwork measures approximately 21” in length and 19.75” wide and is mounted on a discreet backing that allows for easy hanging without the need for a traditional frame, ensuring that all focus remains on the mesmerizing colors and form of the hummingbird.

Perfect for enthusiasts of wildlife art and lovers of bold, expressive colors, this piece promises to transform any space into a vibrant gallery of natural beauty.


• Dimensions: 
• Materials: Acrylic, metallic pens, resin on cut plywood
• Installation: Ready to hang; no framing necessary

Capture the essence of speed and splendor with “Wisteria” by Marnée, and let your walls reflect the sheer beauty and freedom of the natural world.

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