Sorbet Muse- Original Acrylic Painting by Marnée

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Introducing "Sorbet Muse",  a stunning original artwork by Marnée that captures the silent introspection and the fiery colors of sorbet sunsets in a singular dynamic movement. Rendered on a 16"x18" stretched canvas, this painting brings forth a figure poised in confident motion, empowered to move through space in a bold and beautiful way. 

The canvas comes to life with the interplay of acrylic's vibrant layers and the subtle sheen of metallic pen highlights, offer a multi-dimensional look that invites closer inspection. This artwork is a true reflection of contemporary expressionist art, appealing to the sophisticated palette of art lovers.

Perfect for a modern living space, "Sorbet Muse" is not just a visual treat but an ongoing dialogue that adds an aura of elegance and luxury. It’s an invitation to start each day with a reminder of beauty and potential, as embodied by the sunrise-inspired colors and the painting’s dynamic pose.

Elevate your collection with this unique piece from Marnée's Art and let it inspire daily reflection and renewal.

Materials: Acrylic paint, metallic pens on canvas

Size: 16"X20"

Weight: 2.0 lbs

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