Seek Your Light- A Symphony of Form and Texture on Canvas

Seek Your Light- A Symphony of Form and Texture on Canvas

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Discover "Seek Your Light," where the tactile essence of mixed media artistry pays tribute to the innate strength and grace of the feminine form. Celebrating the vibrant journey of womanhood, this piece features a thoughtful blend of acrylics, molding paste, found treasures, and metallic pen accents—all converging on a gallery-wrapped canvas that whispers stories of resilience and beauty.

Each stroke and object in this artwork is a testament to the diverse experiences that shape us. The composition blooms with a sense of depth and introspection, reflecting the myriad ways in which life's moments are layered upon one another. Metallic pen highlights traverse the painting like whispers of wisdom accumulated over time, shimmering with the promise of insight with every glance.

"Seek Your Light" is more than a painting; it's a sanctuary of self-expression and empowerment, crafted to resonate with the souls of women who understand the intricate dance between vulnerability and strength. Designed to command presence in any space, it offers a daily reminder of the light we hold within.


  • Medium: Acrylic paint, molding paste, found objects, metallic pen
  • Dimensions: 
  • Canvas: Sturdy, gallery-wrapped canvas that graces walls with elegance
  • Frame: Unframed, allowing the rich texture to spill over the edges
  • Hanging: Comes ready to hang, inviting an immediate dialogue with your space
  • Signature: Personally signed, Marnée, as a seal of authenticity
  • Certificate. of Authenticity 

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