“Fruits of Our Womb” Original Artwork by Marnée

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Unveil the beauty of creation with “Fruits of Our Womb,” a stunning original artwork by Marnée, crafted with a harmonious blend of molding paste, acrylic paint, found objects, metallic pens, and resin on a uniquely shaped wood canvas. This piece explores the profound themes of birth, growth, and the nurturing spirit, embodied in the vivid depiction of flowers blooming with vibrant life.

Spanning dimensions that showcase the art in a powerful display, this work captures the essence of nature’s bounty and the intimate connection to human creativity and motherhood. The iridescent touches and intricate textures provide a visual depth and sophistication that invites the viewer to explore every detail.

“Fruits of Our Womb” is not just a painting; it’s a celebration of life’s continual renewal and the powerful ties that bind us to the natural world. Each element, from the carefully placed found objects to the dynamic use of colors, contributes to a narrative that is both personal and universal.


• Title: “Fruits of Our Womb”
• Artist: Marnée
• Medium: Mixed media (molding paste, acrylic paint, found objects, metallic pens, resin)
• Substrate: Shaped wood canvas
• Dimensions: 
• Hanging: Ready to hang with attached hardware, no additional framing needed

Ideal for collectors and enthusiasts of symbolic and expressionist art, this piece promises to be a focal point in any space, offering a story that resonates with themes of creativity, motherhood, and the cycles of nature.


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