Marnée's Studio

Figure Drawing Studio Sessions

Regular price $20.00

Join us on Thursdays, Sep.7-Sep.28 from 6:30-8:30pm @ Marnée's Studio for open studio figure drawing sessions that will work with 2 live, nude models (male and female).  Open to students of all levels, with guidance and instruction happily provided upon request :)  Otherwise I'll be quiet and let everyone draw ;)  BYOB!

  • $30/ 2 hr session INCLUDING basic supplies: (drawing paper, bristol board, charcoal, erasers, pastels-oil and chalk, brushes, easels, drawing boards etc).  
  • $20/ 2 hr session WITHOUT SUPPLIES: feel free to bring your own supplies and save $10/ session!  

The human figure is the ideal subject for creating powerful drawings that can be personally and/or broadly meaningful. Whether your goal is to convey accurate forms and proportions or if you're attempting to communicate something beyond form, working from live models:

  • provides an accurate essence of poses (such as weight shift and gesture) that is hard to attain from photographs
  • improves artistic skills such as gauging proportions
  •  allows for a more authentic experience 

Students can expect to learn a variety of drawing methods and topics including:

  • accurately assessing figure proportions
  • line, mass, gesture
  • short pose studies and long-pose drawings
  • depicting dimension with diverse mediums

Don't miss this opportunity to work from live models and network with artists in the area!

* Doors will be locked by 7pm to prevent interruptions.  Latecomers can call (251)206-5587 to gain entry.*

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